House of Prayer

Encounter Jesus


Our heart is for day and night prayer, praise and worship to fill the 757 and beyond to usher in revival until Christ returns! We often have weekly prayer in homes, office buildings, etc. Our main focus at this time is what we are calling "Jesus Nights", which take place on Friday nights once a month (summer schedule) at Coaster Coffee in Norfolk, VA.

Jesus nights are gatherings focused on going after the "One Thing" (Jesus) in prayer, praise, and worship that overflows into ministering to others as the Spirit leads. It's a people with One simple pursuit! Holy Spirit completely leads these meetings so every week is unique and special as the Lord does whatever He wants each week! Come and See!

This is not a church branded meeting but a collective of many people from different churches and backgrounds coming together to behold the One that matters most - Jesus! This is a raw and real place for His presence! ... Click Button below for more