Simple & Secret

During this first year we will not have an official name or social media pages.

“One Thing”

We are going all in after One Thing; simple and pure devotion to Jesus! Our message is simple, our love sincere, and our worship intense for it’s Jesus we love and Jesus we live. Our only agenda is Jesus! We are forsaking all and following Him as a people in one accord in prayer. This move of God looks like family in the purest sense. It’s time for His people to rise up and shine!

“His Heart”

Join our Jesus Journey as Holy Spirit is forming a family after His heart. Our focus is not a method, model, or ministry but a people going after One Thing (Jesus) with one heart and one voice.

“His House”

This family is founded on the original Way of Christ following Holy Spirit and Holy Scriptures as holy sons and daughters. The heart behind everything we do is to encounter Jesus, embrace family, and engage culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Click words below to know more.